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Web Hosting Home > Support > FAQs | Web Hosting FAQs | Email FAQs | Domain Name FAQs | Refund Policy Nov 22, 2014, 9:29 PM in Los Angeles

Web Hosting FAQs

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  • My website got Suspended because of a Resource Exhaustion. Help me get back online!
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Normally, the first thing to do is get the website back online:

  1. Login to your Web hosting contol panel. (on the left)
  2. See the reason for account suspension highlighted in red.
  3. Click the appropriate link to fix the problem.

     • Credit Card / Payment related problem, click Billing Administration / Payment Profiles and either update the active credit card or click Create New Billing Profile, create it, and then make it active.

     • MySQL Database disk space over quota problem, click Scripts & Databases, MySQL Databases, and click on the Database Name that is over quota. You'll see the Database size. Click Change, increase your quota and Click Change Quota.

     • Website Disk Space over quota problem, you'll either need to delete some files or increase your account quota. If you have no idea why you went over disk space quota and need to get your website back online now, on the main screen of your control panel, click Disk Usage / Edit Limit, Set New higher Quota and click Change Quota.

  4. After your account has been updated and your website is back online, figure out why your site got suspended and take an appropriate action.

99.9% of the time MySQL disk space overage is either related to Miva Merchant store maintenance neglegence (see next FAQ) or some Wordpress data table filling up with a ton of bogus entries like wp_ss_stats or spam posts.

To login to your Wordpress database, click Manage next to that database name, login with a valid MySQL User (listed) and password. (unless it was changed, this password will be the same as your original hosting account password)

 • Be careful! If you don't know what you're doing in PhpMyAdmin, contact us. Mistakes made using PhpMyAdmin can trash the database.

NOTE: If you had to increase a resource (and incur an additional charge) in order to get your website back online, you may be able to remove the extra resources if you've fixed the problem. (like performing your Miva Merchant Maintenance (see next FAQ) or clearing out a Wordpress table) Setting that MySQL database's quota back to where it was before the overage occurred will pro rate and automatically credit the amount to your account.

If your website has actually grown, the additional resources may be necessary. Or upgrading your Web hosting package might be more cost effective.

Contact us for help if needed.

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If your website has been suspended for Miva Merchant MySQL database overage and need to get it back online now:

  1. Login to your Miva Merchant admin
  2. Click Delete Baskets (expired)
  3. Click Pack Data
This will likely remedy the overage problem.

Regular Miva Merchant Store Maintenance

Depending on how many monthly orders your Miva Merchant store processes, at least once per month perform Store Maintenance:

  1. Batch all your orders. If you want to keep the orders, export Orders To Flat File and have them emailed to you.
  2. Delete Batches (assuming all the orders in each batch has been run)
  3. Delete Baskets (Expired Shopping Baskets Only)
  4. Pack Data. If you're getting hundreds of orders per month, it'd be better to do the above Store Maintenance once per week

Regular Miva Merchant Store Maintenance cleans up your database and allows the store to run faster and smoother.

Custom Miva Merchant Modules / Applications

If your site or Miva Merchant store uses:

  • Emporium Plus Mini-basket module, you'll need to clean up Mini-basket history database by clicking on Utilities / Mini-basket Display, checking "Clean up history database" and clicking Update.

  • ADS Continue Shopping module, you'll need to clean up Current Records in Database by clicking on System Extension Settings / ADS Continue Shopping, checking "Delete Expired Records" (or best "Delete All Records") and clicking Update.

  • Scot's Mailing List Application, you'll need to pack your list(s) database(s) by clicking that button in the Scot's Mailing List admin.

    Also keep malformatted Emails cleaned out and if your lists become large, (tens of thousands of entries) you can delete all the remaining log files located in /mivadata/smr_scotmail/logs to bring your disk space usage down.

Other custom 3rd party Miva Merchant modules and Miva powered applications may have their own database cleanup option.

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  • I received an Approaching Bandwidth Limit Notice. Do I need to do anything?
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This notice is sent out as a courtesy even if you have "Automatically Bill For Extra Bandwidth" activated in your web hosting control panel.

If you already have "Automatically Bill For Extra Bandwidth" activated on your account, disregard this message, nothing needs done. You will only be billed for the extra bandwidth you use and your website will not go down.

If you don't have "Automatically Bill For Extra Bandwidth" activated on your account, you may need to either turn it on or upgrade to a higher Web hosting package.

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  • After I've signed up for Web hosting, when can I start using my new server space?
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Immediately. Once you receive Web hosting account activation confirmation Email, you can use your account's tempurl Web address to view and test your website even before you switch your DNS to our network.

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  • What do I need to to access my files on your servers and create / update my own Website?
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  1. Access to the Internet.
  2. An FTP program and already know how to use it.
  3. Knowledge of how to design / update / upload your web pages, images etc.

It is possible to update static web pages and / or upload images etc through your control panel File Manager, but unless your website was coded using the file manager, be advised that the styles and possibly the layout could change. Also, uploading files using the File Manager transfers them using HTTP, which is slower that using FTP.

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  • OK, how do I get rid of your 'Future Home of" page?
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Our "Future Home of" page is always named index.html

If your homepage is named index.htm, you'll need to delete the index.html file before your index.htm file will render as your homepage.

If your homepage is named index.html, uploading it will overwrite our "Future Home of" page and then render correctly.

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  • Why does the size of my website continue to increase even though I've made no changes to it?
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Access log files are collected daily as your website receives traffic.

Delete your old log files once in a while as a simple housekeeping routine and your account quota will decrease. Go up one level from your htdocs directory to find your logs directory.

NOTE: If you have Webalizer activated on your account, don't delete the webalizer.conf file, also located in your logs directory.

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If you no longer want your Web hosting account:

  1. Login to your Web Hosting Control Panel
  2. Click Billing Administration
  3. Click Cancel Account
  4. Enter a reason for the cancellation
  5. Click Cancel Account

Web hosting is a service. We only bill active accounts. Clients are responsible for the activation period of their accounts.

Emailing a cancellation request to an admin is not acceptable. Email is easily spoofed and your account will not be cancelled unless you cancel it through your Web hosting control panel. This cancellation policy protects you.

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  • I have a new credit card. How do I update my billing profile to use it?
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  1. Login to your Web hosting control panel
  2. Click Billing Administration / Billing Profiles
  3. Create a new Billing Profile
  4. Select your new Billing Profile and click "Make Selected Profile Current"
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  • How do I switch my Web hosting from one host to another?
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The quick answer is to switch the DNS from the old host's to the new host's through your domain registrar's domain manager.

If you don't know what domain registrar your domain name is registered with, find out using our Whois domain lookup tool. Once you know your domain registrar:

  1. Login to your domain registrar's domain manager
  2. Switch the DNS to your new host's DNS
  3. After your website is answering at the new host's DNS, cancel the Web hosting account at your old host so you don't get billed for something you're not using.

NOTE: Similarly to moving and not cancelling the electricity or telephone service at your previous location, the service is provided until cancelled, even if you weren't there to use it.

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Contact us if you have additional questions about Web hosting.

Refund Policy

Shared Hosting Refunds

All shared Web hosting accounts carry a 30-day money back guarantee. After that time, we do NOT offer any refunds on partial use as stated in our Terms of Service.

Cancellation of all Web hosting accounts must be made through the Web hosting control panel at least one day prior to the renewal date to ensure that no renewal charges incur. Service will terminate immediately upon client cancellation.

At our sole discretion, we may apply a prorated amount to another of your LA Servers shared Web hosting accounts, if applicable.

Moving Web services to another host and neglecting to cancel your account is not grounds for a refund. It is a client's responsibility to cancel service, similarly to moving and not cancelling the electricity or telephone service at your previous location.

Dedicated Server Hosting Refunds

When a dedicated hosting account is cancelled (done through the Web hosting control panel), service will terminate AT THAT TIME. We do NOT offer any refunds on partial use. Cancellation of dedicated hosting accounts must be made at least one day prior to the monthly renewal date or an additional month's renewal charge will incur.

Web Developer Refund Policy

We welcome the reselling of our Web hosting packages and we thank you for it! But if your credit card is active in the Web hosting account and your client refuses to pay you after the Web hosting account renews with us, you will still be responsible for payment.

To make sure this doesn't happen, bill your client before the Web hosting account renews. If your client no longer wants their Web hosting account, please cancel it before it renews. All account renewal dates are available via your Web hosting control panel.

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