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About LA Servers International

About LA ServersLA Servers International was founded in Los Angeles in 1999 after endless dissatisfaction with a Web host's reliability at the time. Then in early 2005, our entire network operation center was moved to San Diego, even our main office is still located in the western San Fernando Valley city of West Hills.

Service has always been paramount at LA Servers. Genuinely committed to serving our clients for 15 years, they are considered partners and their input is crucial to our company's success. We know Web hosting and have the technical expertise to help your business succeed online.

We've specialized in Miva Merchant since version 1 and are a Miva Merchant hosting partner. Our Miva Merchant experts are also proficient and skilled in custom features integration and modules.

And in case you're wondering, our Web hosting packages are named after famous places in Los Angeles.

We're not successful unless we've given our clients the best service and customer support possible.

World-Class Data Center

Our World-Class Data Center meets the high security and protection demands of any Internet presence. It is monitored 24/7, has redundant systems for connectivity, electrical power, air conditioning and fire suppression to ensure that your Internet presence is always available. Our admins are committed and trained to provide you with continual, high-level network monitoring and load management of your connection.

Miva Merchant Experts

LA Servers is a Miva Merchant Web hosting partner and our network and system admins go way back to Htmlscript days, long before it became Mivascript. So you're guaranteed Miva Merchant and Miva Merchant modules expertise. All our shared hosting packages are outfitted with the Miva engine (mivavm), you don't need an Ecommerce hosting package to run Mivascript applications other than Miva Merchant.

Connectivity Technology

Our Connectivity Technology optimizes the request path to find the shortest route from your website back to your visitor's Web browser, as well as maintaining excess capacity for potential upstream provider downtime or high traffic.

Failures that can cause your website to lose connection do happen, no matter the host. But our unique network architecture lays the foundation for providing the least-risk of failure and redundancy. Single points of failure (single Web servers) are never a good idea but most Web hosts do this to cut costs.

LA Servers maintains connections to multiple Tier 1 upstream providers, ensuring redundancy and reliability for your website's connection to the Internet. These connections are multiple DS-3s via providers like XO, Level3 and Verizon. We optimize the path your data takes so your customers don't have to wait.

Load Balancing and Redundant Servers

All shared Web hosting accounts use our Redundant Server and Load-balancing Technology for lightning fast speed and super reliability. This procedure continuously checks status of all web servers and distributes the requests across multiple servers to maximize performance, as well as automatically immobilizing a troubled server if needed.

Each website request is automatically routed to the least busy Web server. So your website will never slow down because of someone else's heavy server usage or go down because your Web server is down.

Firewall Technology

Our firewall or packet filtering system prevents unwanted connections to your website so only connections that are necessary to your site's functionality are permitted to access your Web server.

Think of this like your home; packet filtering technology keeps the windows and doors locked so that your visitors can only come in through the front door.

File Storage and Backup Technology

Our Network Appliance® storage solutions ensure continuous delivery of your website content. Our server hard drives, each with redundant power supplies, are continuously tested for performance and reliability.

Faulty drives are automatically removed, reported and replaced with no website connectivity disruptions. Full website backups occur each week as well as incremental backups of all changed files each night.

Our Web hosting packages include the most requested features but we'd be happy to custom tailor services to fit your exact needs.

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